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Author Topic: Defonce Moi  (Read 84 times)

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Defonce Moi
« on: 13 October 2018, 14:13:41 »

Description: The horny son of a household enjoys peeping in on his mother, maid, gardener and anyone else who visits the house having sex. After having finished her daily shopping, the house maid (Maya, ex-XNK0579) arrives at the kitchen where she's expected by the gardener (Richard Lemieuvre). While she's giving him a blowjob they are watched through a peephole by the householder's son (Dominique Irissou) who starts masturbating. Lemieuvre f***ks her from behind and finishes in her mouth. The son is caught in the act by his mother (Gallia) who has just arrived at home. In the second scene we see the son peeping through another hole in his room. His victims are again the gardener and the maid. Suddenly his father (Jacques Marbeuf) enters the room. Lemieuvre hides himself quickly beside the bed. The maid then satisfies one after the other. In the third scene the lady of the house is having sex with her lover (Dominique Aveline) in the shower and on the bed in her room, again spied on by her horny son. Another girl (Daniele David) arrives at the house. She's attended to by Marbeuf. The housemaid carries her luggage to her room where both start kissing and licking each other. After that the housemaid shows her oral skills again. In the kitchen she tastes the gardener's cock together with a layer cake which she serves to the family afterwards. Next the two girls are licking each other's pussies again. Now they are observed by the son and the gardener who finally joins them. The father is the next one followed by his wife, her lover and even the son breaks cover. The movie finishes in an orgy.

Starring: Daniele David, Gallia, Maya, Dominique Aveline, Jacques Marbeuf, Dominique Irissou, Richard Lemieuvre

information on film:
Title: Defonce Moi
Date: 1978
Genre: Hardcore
Company: Mike Hunter

File format: MPEG-4 Visual
Video: 720x534, 780 kbps, 25 fps
Audio: MPEG Audio, 192 Kbps
Size: 525 Mb
Runtime: 75 minutes

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