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Description: A Projector Flickers in the Dark When the Passion is Consumed, What Secrets Will be Found in the...    Where can a girl find true love?  The real thing always seems to come so easily up on the screen.
Can it be that true love and limitless passion only exist in the 2-dimensional, celluloid nonreality of the cinema, only to flicker out with the last frame in some dark, cold theater?  Roxanne hopes not.  As do we all.
As she absorbs scene after passionate scene, looking for the one thing that links them all together, she sees the light...or is it just the afterglow?
Starring: Roxanne HallRoxanne Hall, Shay Sweet, Jessica Jewel, Azlea Antistia, Amaretta, Mark Davis, Ian Daniels, Brick Majors, Chuck Martino, Paul Cox

information on film:
Title: Afterglow
Date: 1998
Director: F. J. Lincoln
Genre: Classic
Company: Wicked Pictures

File format: 3ivX
Video: 720x576, 1210 kbps, 25 fps
Size: 721 Mb
Runtime: 84 minutes

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