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(TSY-01) - Shanghai-Yeying
« on: 18 November 2021, 13:36:51 »
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Description: お姉さん系人気アイドルの稲森麗奈チャンがチャイナドレス着て登場。最初の、足コキ、手コキ、素股から超エッチです。男を誘う瞳、抜群のボディーライン、チャイナドレス最高です。チャイナドレスにノーブラ、Tバック、これ以上無い組み合わせ!!フェラも超セクシーで、ゆっくり、じっくり舐め回しいよいよ挿入、正常位、背面座位、バック、正常位で、セクシーで悩ましい喘ぎ声出しっぱなし!!最後は、お口に大量の精子を浴びてフィニッシュ!!



Shanghai-Yeying takes place in a 'Chinese NightClub' where Reina wears couple glamorous pink and black chinese dresses with sexy stockings. Reina is simply stunning. She's beautiful and moves gracefully. Unsuprising in front of a camera telling how much she wants a hot cock in her pussy. The scenery and sets in this film are as gorgeous as the woman. Great camera angles capture Reina's shapely body. The lighting and focus are almost as fun to watch as the doing it. The locations, music, and costumes far surpass the standard found in most adult features. Knowing porn movie budgets, I shudder to think how much the locations and costumes for this movie cost. Wow! Five stars! Frankly, you've got to see this beautiful work for yourself.
Starring: Reina Inamori

information on film:
Title: (TSY-01) - Shanghai-Yeying
Alternative names: 上海夜會
Date: 2004
Genre: Asian
Company: Tsubaki House

File format: MPEG-4 Visual
Video: 708x456, 1436 kbps, 29,97 fps
Audio: MPEG Audio, 192 Kbps
Size: 1358 Mb
Runtime: 116 minutes