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Lil Humpers 2
« on: 27 October 2021, 16:36:09 »
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Description: The Kitchen Humper: Horny humper Lil D is working on his thrusting game up in his room. When his hot new stepmom, Aryan Adin, bursts in and catches him masturbating in an embarrassing position, Lil D is stunned—and sprung—at the sight of the sexy spandex leggings that she's wearing!

Window Washed: Jordi might be getting paid to wash Ryan Keely's windows but he'd rather watch her! Ryan seems to be getting a kick out of the little peeper checking her out from outside, so she puts on a little show for Jordi, stripping out of her skirt and playing with her big ti***s in plain sight! While Ryan rubs her sweet pussy, peeping Jordi rubs his cock against the window and stares. When playing with herself isn't enough, Ryan drags Jordi inside and for some hardcore f***king that'll really give him something to remember!

Busty Study Buddy: Ricky Spanish is the boarding student at Eva Notty and her husband's house, but his semester abroad is proving to be more challenging than he could have anticipated - and not just because of his studies. Although Ricky should be focusing on his classes, he's become completely obsessed with his host-mom, Eva, a sexy housewife clearly dissatisfied with her husband's unwillingness to f***k her. The problem is that Eva also seems to resent Ricky's presence in the house, making his dreams of f***king frustratingly out of reach. As Ricky crams for midterms, his lack of rest prompts him to start hallucinating, and his lucid dreams play out in the form of Eva, dressed as a slutty schoolgirl, giving him a lap dance. When Ricky finally snaps out of his reverie, he realizes that he has to get closer to Eva at all costs.

Ricky's Gang: Ricky Spanish might be a king in the secure bubble of his gang of youthful ruffians, but to any outward observer he's a poser who would cower in front of some stern discipline. When Ricky and his gang find themselves hanging out in front of Alena Croft's house, he coaxes his friends into messing with her garden - and then with her directly. A prank mishap, though, exposes Ricky to Alena's wrath, and just as expected, he submits in front of her. It turns out, though, that Alena's idea of disciplining Ricky is to put his true manhood to the test.

The Sunscreen Asshole: Dorky college guy Juan El Caballo peeps on his dad's new girlfriend, Christie Stevens, as she prepares breakfast. When Christie goes out to tan, Juan sneakily follows, trying to get a closer look at her juicy ass through his trusty binoculars. Christie hears Juan creeping and assumes it's her boyfriend, so she asks him to oil her up. Juan decides to make the most of the situation and gives her a nice, oily ass massage before trying his best to penetrate her tight asshole.
Starring: Ryan Keely, Aryana Adin, Alena Croft, Eva Notty, Christie Stevens

information on film:
Title: Lil Humpers 2
Date: 2020
Genre: 18+ Teens
Company: Reality Kings

File format: AVC / AVC
Video: 854x480, 1356 kbps, 23,98 fps
Audio: AAC, 151 Kbps
Size: 1734 Mb
Runtime: 145 minutes


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