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Lay - Out
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Description: During a sizzling shooting session for Cunning Stunts magazine, a scheming model plays tit for tat, bringing her unwitting photographer to his knees saying cheese as the star on a roll of film that comes home to roost on his own editor's desk. Seeing gold in them thar stills, the editor orders sex-of-one-a-half-dozen-of-the-others, invites the model-cum-photographer to head the rag's photo staff then sends a missive by messenger relegating the luckless shutter-bug to covering a canine contest in a small town outside of Bumphouse, Philadelphia. But the film-flammed man is not about to lie doggo. He wants back in and the medium is the messenger Miss who soon discovers he has the flash and the dash to push all the right buttons. In the final frame, when the messenger kisses then tells of the lights, the cameras, the action, the editor gets the picture, apologizes for having made a snap-judge-ment and our boy wins the day at twice the pay - shall we say by a photo-finish?
Starring: Brittany Stryker, Bunny Bleu, Jeannie Pepper, Lorrie Lovett, Tiffany Storm, Don FernandoDon Fernando, Frank James, Marc WalliceMarc Wallice, Peter NorthPeter North, Ray Wells, Tom ByronTom Byron

information on film:
Title: Lay - Out
Date: 1986
Director: C.B. DeVille
Genre: Features
Company: Paradise Visuals

File format: MPEG-4 Visual
Video: 720x576, 1199 kbps, 25 fps
Audio: MPEG Audio, 128 Kbps
Size: 725 Mb
Runtime: 76 minutes

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