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Traci - Top Model
« on: 15 July 2020, 08:20:26 »
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Description: Judge Striker (Paul ThomasPaul Thomas) wants to convince Traci LordsTraci Lords to join his swingers club, Sex Fifth Avenue. After seducing her and being turned down, he has two members kidnap Traci to see if they will change her mind. Traci likes her kidnapper (Tom ByronTom Byron) so much she decides to join.

It is obvious what name this title is being copied from, "Sax Fifth Avenue". This is not uncommon in the pornographic industry to make refrences and parodies to other things.
Basically this movie was made when pornography really started to go downhill for story, I mean REALLY downhill (keep in mind we are talking pornography). After '85, story was almost non-existent. This movie contains a variety of stars including Christy CanyonChristy Canyon, Paul ThomasPaul Thomas, Steve Powers, and of course our beloved Traci LordsTraci Lords. Ron JeremyRon Jeremy is in the credits, but that is somewhat of a mystery to me because I don't see him ANY WHERE! Was there a cut scene or some thing?
Starring: Christy CanyonChristy Canyon, Debra Lynn, Gail ForceGail Force, Heather Wayne, Jessica Wylde, Nicole West, SaharaSahara, Summer Rose, Tamara Longley, Traci LordsTraci Lords, Tom ByronTom Byron, Steve Powers, Ron JeremyRon Jeremy, Rick Savage, Peter NorthPeter North, Paul ThomasPaul Thomas, Marc WalliceMarc Wallice, Jack Baker, Francois

information on film:
Title: Traci - Top Model
Alternative names: Sex Fifth Avenue
Date: 1984
Director: Jerome Tanner
Genre: Feature
Company: Western Visuals, Alpha France

File format: AVC
Video: 720x544,  kbps, 25 fps
Audio: AAC, 0 Kbps
Size: 873 Mb
Runtime: 63 minutes
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Если ссылки перестали работать. а очень нужно - то напишите мне в личку, попробую помочь!


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