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L'Amour aux sports d'hiver
« on: 18 June 2020, 16:33:00 »

Description: In order to not to go alone skiing, Michel speaks to Mrs. Paul who finds him a girl for the occasion. Inadvertently he confused her with Jacqueline who is convinced he is the man that she was supposed to meet thru a matrimonial Agency. Regardless. In his cottage or on the snowy slopes, Michel spent pleasant moments between his new friend, the maid Alice and a liberated couple. But Jacqueline dreams of stability and will end up leaving with the shy Eric. With Olinka at the top of her glory, a fantastic film released with a triumphant success on November 4, 1981 in the ALPHA-FRANCE movie theaters.
It's Beyond Hot... It's White Heat.
White Heat is an erotic romp through snow-covered mountains, and it is one of the most exciting and beautiful adult films ever made. The situation is simple enough: a group of friends have decided to spend a weekend at a ski lodge, but what a group of friends! There are three men and three women along with a most amazing maid. All the women are beautiful, of course, but the one who will take your breath away is the Marilyn Monroe look-alike, the nymphet find of the 80's, Olinka. So come join the fun of the seduction of Olinka. It's beyond hot, it's White Heat.

Marilyn spielt in diesem Film die unersättliche Alice, die sich über ein Heiratsinstitut mit Michael verabredet hat. Gemeinsam beschließen sie in den Skiurlaub zu fahren. Doch Michel möchte keine feste Bildung eingehen und lieber mit den Skihäschen wilde Orgien feiern. Alice ist zuerst enttäuscht, findet aber schließlich doch noch ihr Glück. Mit den Superstars Olinka und Gabriel PontelloGabriel Pontello. Regie Michel Leblanc. In der restaurierten Extralangfassung.
Starring: Claudie, Martina AlbertiMartina Alberti, Mika Barthel, Olinka HardimanOlinka Hardiman, Gabriel PontelloGabriel Pontello, Dany BergerDany Berger

information on film:
Title: L'Amour aux sports d'hiver
Alternative names: White Hot, White Heat, Alpine Romance, Alice ... tu glisses, Alice: Rent a Girl, Alice: que bien esquias, Alice - Wild und unersättlich, Marilyn - Wild und unersättlich
Date: 1981
Director: Michel LemoineMichel Lemoine
Genre: Feature
Company: Caballero Home Video, Herzog Video, Alpha France

File format: AVC
Video: 720x468,  kbps, 25 fps
Audio: AAC, 0 Kbps
Size: 896 Mb
Runtime: 86 minutes

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